A GUI for managing git and mercurial!

January 25th, 2012 by Stefan Strohmeier Leave a reply »

Hey folks,

it has been quite a while since my last post. Today I was working on some code for an iPhone application and the other developers use git to maintain the code. The command line version of git is a bit tricky: it is not too intuitive to switch between branches. Luckily, a friend mentioned the GUI sourcetree (www.sourcetreeapp.com) which deals with git by means of a nice graphical interface. I thought this is worth sharing. So, go to the website and check it out.

Enjoy, Stefan



  1. James says:

    Hey! I noticed that your news feed is broken . I thought I should remind you that. My Feed reader didn’t work for your site’s address.

    • Stefan Strohmeier says:

      Hey, I just tried again to subscribe to my own blog and it worked the second time I tried. The first time it didn’t work out, I don’t know why. Thanks for letting me know. Now, it should work again. Please tell me if it works for you. Thanks, Stefan